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September 5, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

Moustache Yourself
Gypsy Jazz

As much as a style of music can be created by one person; Gypsy Jazz was created by one man: Django Reinhardt (thats him in the picture above). Of course other people played roles in the formation of this style and it continues to evolve today, but Django's influence is the most celebrated. Django was a Gypsy (Romany), and a guitar player of unusual talents despite a serious handicap on his left hand. As such, Gypsy Jazz centers around the guitar;both ryhthm and lead, although the violin plays an important role in many Gypsy Jazz groups. The violin player that played with Django in the first Gypsy Jazz group,The Hot Club de France, was Stephane Grappelli and he is arguably just as important in the creation of Gypsy Jazz. Most often there is a double bass player and occasionaly Gypsy Jazz groups will include an accordian, and/or a clarinet, and/or a mandolin. If you are interested there are many resources on Django and Gypsy Jazz so I am not going to repeat the same thing here. Ultimately it is impossible to accurately describe Gypsy Jazz in words, in needs to be seen, heard and felt.

Having said that, here are a few attributes of Gypsy Jazz:
- Groups composed entirely or at least dominated by stringed instruments.
- A special form of rhythmic guitar accompanyment called La Pompe. (The Pump)
- Improvisation on all instruments.
- Waltzes, fast tempos, minor keys, exotic melodies.
- Men with moustaches.

Listen to their music at https://soundcloud.com/moustache-yourself


MUSIC SPEAKS CONCERT SERIES: J Scott Franklin & Dan Morris

September 6, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

J. Scott Franklin, "man behind the curtain" of Lost State of Franklin, is an accomplished musician originally from Emporia, Virginia. Winner of the 2013 Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival in Florida, he has toured extensively, and written over 400 original songs in numerous styles. He typically plays guitar and sings, but holds a degree from BGSU (jazz studies/music ed.) and is a gifted trumpeter. Dan Morris is a native Clevelander, who's been playing pedal steel guitar for over 40 yrs., with such bands as Ida Red, California Speedbag, the Not So Good Ol' Boys, Bobby C3, INTRA, and Thor Platter. Scott and Dan will be perfoming Scott's original Americana music, plus cover songs.



Ft. Artist Dott Schneider

September 6, 2014 |

HEDGE Gallery presents Cleveland artist Dott Schneider, whose work will be on view at Visible Voice from August 15- September 6. Dott is a mixed media artist with a palette has amassed a variety of natural and man-made materials over the years. Schneider’s intent is for the viewer to imagine themselves within these new topographies, which have been steadily growing in scale.
Schneider’s work has been exhibited internationally and featured in publications such as Kölnisch Rundshau, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland Magazine, Jane Magazine, Las Vegas City Life, Cleveland Scene, and Northern Ohio Live. She studied at the applied arts atelier, AFEDAP in Paris and went on to receive her CEAP from the Ecole des Beaux-arts de Rouen in 1996.
"Stardust" 2014 Mixed media 24" x 24"

September ArtWalk: Ft. Photographer Daniel Mainzer + Music by the Luckey Ones

September 12, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

September ArtWalk: Ft. Photographer Daniel Mainzer
+ Music by the Luckey Ones
Friday, September 12th | 7-10pm
Stop by the store during the Tremont ArtWalk for photography by Daniel Mainzer and music by the Luckey Ones.

HEDGE Gallery presents work by local photographer Daniel Mainzer that covers the expanse of his commercial and most recent artistic career. The work exhibited at Visible Voice will be a collection of photo journalistic, landscape, and abstract photography from 1961 to present.
Integration" 1975, silver gelatin print

MUSIC BY THE Luckey Ones
4-Man string band from the CLE
Listen to their music at http://www.reverbnation.com/theluckeyones


Cleveland Jumping Flea Open Ukulele Jam

September 13, 2014 | 1pm

A monthly ukulele meet-up group. Open to beginners AND experts who enjoy playing the ukulele.



September 13, 2014 | 7pm-10pm


Texas Plant
Alt Folk Bluegrass
Cleveland, OH
Matthew Leeb - Vocals, Harmonica, Inanimate Objects
Danny McDonnell - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gavin Dautartas - Washboard, Suitcase Kick-drum, Percussion, Vocals
Sagan Ruby - Banjo, Accordion
Upright Pete - Upright Bass
Listen to their music at http://texasplant.bandcamp.com/



September 19, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

Rock (acoustic)
Pre-record release acoustic set
Filmstrip is a three- piece rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Brothers Dave Taha (guitar, vocals) and Matt Taha (bass, vocals) met Nick Riley (drums) in elementary school. They began playing in bands together in junior high and continued through high school. The group reunited in 2009 under the name filmstrip, and have continued to work together ever since.
Listen to their music at http://filmstrip.bandcamp.com/



September 20, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

Michael Bay

His love of music began at an early age listening to his parents “Hi Fi record albums” and watching artists perform on TV variety shows in the early 60’s. His thoughts of becoming part of the music he loved began when he found his grandma’s old guitar under the couch; he began teaching himself how to make it talk. Allowing the curiosity of this new, musical part of his life to take over, Michael Bay began his uphill journey toward his present day profession – “I just play guitar”. That journey began over 40 years ago. Ask him what he loves about being a professional guitarist and accomplishing a dream “Being blessed to be able to make a living doing what I love and the ability to share it with others.”

Along his journey he has been inspired by his mentor and teachers; Ralph Russo and Phil Rizzo. He earned a Music Performance Degree from The Modern Music School while working a full time job as a welder to make ends meet. “I hated my day job and looked forward to playing out in the evenings after work. About 30 years ago, I felt I was ready to take the risk to begin my professional music career, and quit being a welder. I had studied and practiced very hard to get to that level; and haven’t looked back since.”

Popular, as well as obscure artists have inspired Michael Bay’s melodic sound and improvisational style. His musical influences have been numerous with its beginning in country and pop bands of the 60’s to rock, jazz and blues guitar greats; Glen Campbell, Eric Clapton, Jim Hall, David Gilmore, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Pass and Ed Bickert, to name a few. Michael Bay has paid the dues of a struggling artist honing his skills toward perfection. He’s the first to admit he is far from perfect, but ask his fans who having been coming out weekly for years… “It’s like his guitar has feelings, and he takes us all along for the emotional ride”.

Accomplishments include 30 years as a professional guitarist, A highly respected influence in the NE Ohio Music Community, Best known in the Jazz and Blues scene in Cleveland, “Jam Master” at Cleveland’s longest running Blues Jam at The Parkview Nightclub (Michael and his band, The Bad Boys of Blues, began this jam in the mid 1990’s). Michael's career included being a guest guitarist on numerous CD’s, in live performances, and special events with artists both local and international.

In the late 1980’s Michael Bay took his skills to the next level and began teaching guitar at DiFiore’s Music in Cleveland, The Broadway School of Music (satellite of Cleveland Music School Settlement) and various other music stores and colleges in the Cleveland area. 2000 brought Michael Bay the oppo


Monthly Poetry Workshop, lead by Claire McMahon

September 25, 2014 | 6:15pm-8pm

The Public Poetry Workshop comes to the West side once a month. Poets of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to bring a work-in-progress and receive recommendations for improving it. Our goal is friendly, yet serious critiques by emerging and experienced writers. Improvement of craft through reading, writing, and workshopping with Instructors Claire McMahon and a guest host.

The workshop meets at Visible Voice Books on every 4th Thursday of the month. Contact Claire McMahon with questions and to join the group's mailing list.

Claire McMahon has an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University (Boulder, Colorado) and a Ph.D. in 20th Cent. American & British Poetry from Kent State University. She is co-editor of MoonLit poetry journal (Drag City Press, Chicago) and the author of a book of poems entitled, Emergency Contact (Van Zeno Press, Cleveland). She has taught English writing courses locally at Lake Erie College, Baldwin-Wallace College, Cuyahoga Community College, and Chancellor University. Currently, Claire is an Adjunct Professor of Humanities at Bowling Green University’s Firelands campus.

MUSIC SPEAKS CONCERT SERIES: Ashley Brooke Toussant / Chris Black

September 26, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

Ashley Brooke Toussant
Folk Americana

ABT lived in Chicago from 2007 to 2009. While in the city she recorded with two time Grammy award winning producer, Jim Tullio. They recorded five original songs making up my debut EP All Songs in English which was released in August 2008. The EP brought airplay on several stations around the Midwest.

In the Spring of 2009 ABT moved back to her native Northeastern Ohio. She began to play with a band made up of friends, friends of friends and some through playing shows. They built solid friendships and enjoy playing music together.

In September 2011, ABT released her first full length album, Sweetheart. The album was made in Kent, Ohio with the help of a producer, Charlie Loudin and wonderful area musicians; Eric Baltrinic on drums, Chris Wise on bass, Joe Linstrum on electric guitar, Al Moss on pedal steel, Walter Prettyman on violin, Spencer Martin on piano and myself on acoustic guitar and vocals. The album was funded by a successful album campaign on INDIEGOGO in the early months of 2011.

Listen to her music at http://ashleybrooketoussant.bandcamp.com/

Chris Black
Chamber Folk

Drawing on an extensive classical music background and influences that include Van Morrison and the Swell Season, Christopher Black writes chamber folk music. While he plays guitar in performance, Black is also an accomplished violist and violinist; he composes and records the string arrangements for his songs, and has toured as a strings player.

Listen to his music at http://christheblack.bandcamp.com/album/ep


MUSIC SPEAKS CONCERT SERIES: Chris Hatton / Lowly the Tree Ghost

September 27, 2014 | 7pm-10pm

Chris Hatton Music
Acoustic Singer Songwriter
Chris Hatton is some what of a musical chameleon. Changing and shifting effortlessly from song to song, style to style, and even band to band. Whether he is playing with his band, The Italian Sound Machine, or performing as a solo artist, Chris Hatton is a top notch instrumentalist with the vocal chops and original material to please the most finicky of musical taste. Chris' musical styling falls inline with his personal philosophy on music. In the same manner in which the old Country and Western song states “don't fence me in,” Chris refuses to be an artist subjected to labeling. Most artist are not capable of switching between so many genre's and styles, which is why the music scene in the past decade has grown obnoxiously stagnate. Chris Hatton's music has tones and flavors from a myriad of categories. Just one glance at his influences should give you a indication from where this talented minstrel draws upon for inspiration. A brief list would include such giants as Primus, Ween, The Ohio Players, Mike Patton, Tom Waits, Sly and the Family Stone, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Beck, Helmet, Clutch, early 90s R & B. and The Cosby Show.
Listen to his music at http://www.chrishattonmusic.com/music-and-merch

Lowly The Tree Ghost
When Andrew Arbogast decided he wanted to make music, a seed was planted. Try as he might to nourish it alone, a pursuit of a singer-songwriter career was too solitary and left him unfulfilled. The roots had begun to grow, the seed had sprouted, but something was missing.
He needed a band.
Thankfully, long-time friend Emily McKitrick and Andrew's then-roommate, Joseph Piedmonte, joined him in a quest to nurture the fledgling music project that would become Lowly the Tree Ghost.
Emily's bright voice and prowess at the piano brilliantly complimented Andrew's own baritone and guitar, while Joseph contributed the depth and darkness that only a bass could. The seedling reached higher. Still, something was missing.
Two posts on Craiglist brought the final two members to the band---violinist Laura Simna and drummer Steven Crobar and the seedling flourished, its branches reaching out to embrace the sun's warmth.
Lowly the Tree Ghost is a band that was brought together through the common idea of nourishing and creating music that embraces vivid imagery for its audience while establishing a sense of community.
The band's varied musical backgrounds and tastes coalesce, creating a sound that cannot be carefully compartmentalized into one genre. They delicately traipse the folk-rock line and then in the